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Accessories for Broadcasters

As an accessory to our TX180 transmitter, there are several areas from which you can create your desired transmitter. An important aspect has been the right choice of power supply for the station. The important thing is an absolute clear voltage, so that the transmission does not distort the sound or a 50Hz hum can be heard as background noise. Furthermore, it is the right choice of antenna required for the care of your critical transmission area. A well-designed antenna with a correspondingly high and freestanding position is even much more effective than simply increased power!

Our offered ingredients are all compatible and can be individually combined. When properly assembled, no problems will arise in other areas.

If you are using amplifiers and other accessories from other sources, then you should ensure that the control power of the transmitter is adapted to these products. The output should be included an effective filter to suppress possibly resulting interference frequencies (harmonics) to.

By clicking on the areas of power supply, antenna, amplifier and filter in the menu, you will be directed to the appropriate description

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