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Radio transmitter

1 Watt PLL FM radio stations

These devices are in the basic form not suitable for use in the EU!

Range min.500 meters to 5 km (depending on the antenna site and surrounding area) by inserting an additional amplifier to the RF output, the transmission power, to extend up to several kilowatts. PLL-stabilized and is the best sound quality


RF Output Power: 1 Watt ± 10%

Output connector: RCA ready

Output Impedance: 50 Ohms

Frequency Range: 87.5MHz -108MHz

PLL Steps: 100 KHz

Frequency stability: +/- 250Hz

Spurious/Harmonic rejection:

 Harmonics: -55dBc, Spurious: -87dBc

Audio Frequency Response: 20Hz-100KHz

Power Supply: DC 22V-24V 250mA

Pre-emphasis: None, 50 or 75uS

LCD ready

Compact size: 2" x 4.5" Only!


This is a high-quality radio station such as those in New Zealand and parts of the United States are regularly admitted to realize small radio stations. With an additional stereo encoder, this device easily converted to an hi-fi stereo transmitter. Available now also the RDS encoder: parallel to the corresponding broadcast program, transfering text information to your radio-display

In the present version, radio program in the best CD quality sound are emitted (see techn. Data).

 The coding switch on the circuit board are not needed in conjunction with the included LCD display because the frequency is set with two external probes only

If a longer range transmission power are achieved through increased, so a corresponding output RF amplifier (power amplifier) are added. Thus, transmission powers are possible up to several kW.


Screenshot of the display to adjust the transmission frequency. -Here: time display waiting time to ensure the PLL and allow the program to the default frequency.

The presented single individual modules are combined: in our standard package would be complete following execution model as according to your wishes to the 19-inch rack, fits to your existing equipment.


Back with jacks for inputs and outputs: Subject to technical changes

from left to right: antenna jack, RCA inputs on the left and right, RDS input, supply 22-24 Volt DC

The complete unit is supplied phantom power supply and antenna including dimensions of the complete unit: 128mm x 63mm x 135mm.

 Manual of the TX180 as PDF for Download and useful tips for the use of TX-Antenna

Also available, the stereo encoder for broadcasting transmission in stereo

Here the view from both sides


When ordering the encoder it is already completely wired to the transmitter, delivered

This is the newest component of this attractive offer to a compact unit rounds



as an example the screenshot of a display ad with insertion of the PI Sylke.us and current RT (Radiotext), U ser Defined Groups Listed below are all supported transfer types: PS (Program Service), PI (Program Identification), PTY (Program Type), TP (Traffic Program), TA (Traffic Announcement), DI (Decoder Identification), M / S (Music / speech), AF (Alternative Frequencies), RT (Radio Text), U ser G roups D efined

 This optional circuit board and the associated software that enables text messaging program running appear to be in the transmitter and your ID will display on any RDS-enabled receiver shown in.


To reach even a useful tip:

Not only the output power essentially determines the range, but the execution (simple dipole, cross dipole or directional antenna) and the position of the transmitting antenna. For example, transmission power between 1 Watt and 15 Watt from barely noticeable effect, compared to when the antenna above ground meters or 15 meters above ground mounted

other important information on transmission antennas please see the following Link


at last still note:

This is a tax-radio stations. Unauthorized use of this device, the EU punishable with hefty fines. You may not use this channel (without broadcasting license and frequency allocation of the Federal Network Agency and the local media authority) with only a 50 - dummy run at the antenna output ohms for example, tests performed on radio receivers.Or a closed system in use (house antenna system) from which no radiation penetrates

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